Installation Process


The Survey

Every installation starts with a thorough site survey, during which our team takes multiple measurements to create a detailed drawing of the site. This drawing is then used for the next stage.

The Plan

This is the part where you tell us what you want and need from your driveway. Using the detailed drawing created from the site survey, our design team shows you what your finished driveway will look like. Once you give us sign off we create a schedule of works that’s passed to our installation team.

The Groundwork

To ensure the best laying conditions and smoothest installation our preparation team needs to ready the ground for the resin-bound layer. If the existing base is suitable then this will involve cleaning and removing any loose material, grease and dirt and repairing any cracks or holes. If a new base needs to be laid, the groundwork team will dig down to solid ground (usually up to 10 inches) then carefully add layers of hardcore and textured tarmac to produce the perfect base.

The installation

Now our expert installers will seamlessly take over from the preparation team to lay the resin-coated aggregate. The mixing of this is done on site and laid by hand to ensure consistent quality and checked thoroughly to make sure it’s perfectly aligned to the edging for a faultless finish.

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