For our customers, knowing and trusting the people responsible for their driveway installation is important. At Sublime we have a three-stage process with dedicated teams who work together to manage each stage of your driveway installation, they are:

The Design Team

Our designers always start with a consultation during which they will examine and determine the structural integrity of your existing base. After advising on the suitability of the space the designers will ask questions to discover what you need from your driveway – including discussing drainage options. The last stage is taking you through our vast range of colours and edgings to build your bespoke driveway.

The Preparation Team

After the designs have been signed off, our preparation team can get to work. Depending on the results of the structural survey the preparation team may simply prepare the edging or carry out a full dig out to create a stronger base layer. This stage of the work can be done in most normal weather conditions.

The Installation Team

The intricate and specific way the resin and aggregate are mixed requires expert and skilled installers. Sublime’s installation team is highly skilled and will hand lay your resin driveway to ensure the perfect finish. Due to the resin element this stage needs to be completed in dry weather, and is normally completed in a day.

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