Accreditations & Sponsorships


A Quality Team

Resin bound driveways are the most robust, resilient and long-lasting product available on the market, but without an approved team of installers handling the project, the quality might not be there.

At Sublime Resin Driveways we are members of, and/or accredited by the following professional trade bodies, organisations and associations.


The British Aggregates Association is the organisation that voices UK’s quarry industry and operators. The board is one of the UK’s leading notified bodies offering approval, certification and test services to manufacturers of products and systems supplying the construction industry.


The IWA is the most trusted Deposit & Guarantee protection service in the UK. If any contractor/supplier employed by the customer for home improvement work ceases to trade, the insurance backed guarantee certificate will protect their investment.


FeRFA is the official organisation for the resin flooring and driveway industry. FeRFA outlines best practice and policies with members agreeing, complying and abiding to their strict codes of practice.

As a member of FeRFA we operate to the highest standard of quality, integrity, safety and reliability to ensure our membership.

Yorkshire County Cricket

Sublime Resin Driveways are proud sponsors of Yorkshire County Cricket.

With our head office operations running from the heart of Yorkshire, supporting another Yorkshire organisation is important to our business and our team.

It is an exciting time to get involved with YCC and we are looking forward to being part of Yorkshire’s continued success on and off the pitch. Yorkshire County Cricket Club is England’s most successful team in the sport’s history, so we hope we can be part of their future success.

We’re proud to be official sponsors of Yorkshire County Cricket and wish them all the best. We are looking forward to an exciting summer, which we hope will be a huge success for the region on the cricket pitch!

Sublime Resin Driveways are proud sponsors of: